The convoluted point: «Deny the right to existence?! Deny smb’s place on earth?!»

Deny the right to existence?! Deny smb’s place on earth?! (pronounced by the Professor emphatically)

Taken for granted back in time, this view is now under scrutiny as there are too many clashing points. That’s why I keep on returning to the same class where diverse studentship was being cultivated to become better human beings. Amongst us, there were those who meant it to join the discussion and reflect and who ended up there to gain necessary credits or in absence of classes for the relevant track.

In any case, the choice was voluntary; each and everyone stayed for the period of the course and walked with the professor through the pages of history, a plethora of theories applicable to handing crimes and individual sufferings.

What is concerning is that this point is never aired on the radio or TV to invite the general population into speculation.

Those who happen to be subject to this development have several degrees and continue their path of bookworms in the Ivory Tower and/or try to distill their parents’ experience imparted on them in the course of childhood. The circle is closed.

Life appears as rainbow-ish, meaning paradoxical. The above piece is quite illustrative and the below part seems to be exemplary.

The Guardian discusses strains of xenophobia infesting Eastern Europe in its front pages. The reasons vary from the need to preserve the homogeneity of the nation-state to actually curb benefits for migrants from EU members states and restrict cash payments for asylum seekers.

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