рубрика: Эскпертиза Unofficial

Process-Improving Project

Long time ago my bag was stolen in a Buddhist restaurant by a non-religious couple in the heart of the city during lunchtime. I was not alone; two colleagues of mine, one in front and right side and another next to me on the right side as well, accompanyed me. The bag was hanging on the chair left-side behind me. We were luncheoning and gurgling about some stuff. None of us noticed how the theft happened.

Paradoxical enough, these were thiefs-readers who liked the science fiction book I borrowed without permission from my upstairs neighbours-physicists when relocating to their sunny side with a balcony and reviewing their collection of books during their vacational absence. It was in the suburbs of Budapest.

So, the thieves liked the book and kept it notwithstanding a bunch of cash freshly withdrawn to pay the rent on that day.

They returned, however, my comb, some student cards, and my USB that retained the only copy of the almost finalized thesis. To be more precise, a good-hearted anonymous found my bag somewhere and brought it to my former residence.

But the focus here is actually on this science fiction book navigating through times to a future technologically flamboyant and decaying in human relationships…

Why this life episode was striking today? Surprise, it was not due to the drone — the promising surveillance in action — flying high at the level of the fourth floor.

The reason turned out to be trivial: remote monitoring of my daily activity and browsing history was carried out by an invisible hand over several months. The last two months the hand became proactive, meaning started showing its presence by scrolling pages for me and choosing one windows page over the other. There were interesting methamorphoses.

Apparently, that distant future described in science fiction books is closer than one can imagine.

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