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Universal values

«Are you not afraid of staying with him face-to-face in the same room?He is a killer,» a cleaning lady asked a young lawyer with a very fragile body type when the released person left the office.

«he reformed,» lucidly answered the young practitioner.(a real episode from one of afar African countries)

Little can I say about legal thinking in Russia. The Russian literature, however, is entirely humanistic and pulses in the paradigm of forgiveness teaching the young and old alike this virtue.

As Leo Tolstoy put it nicely:»You had a thought about a person in bad light, and s/he has changed in the meanwhile».

This may be true, may be not:

When a savvy colleague shares with you memories of his school years and takes vehement pleasure in remembering harassment of youngsters in detail, I am in doubt.

When a close religious friend confides a story of her mentor who was «sold out» by his childhood friend in return for political gains and then reproduces the story, no comments.

Someone said that life is not painted black and white, it is grey. I prefer to see it as rainbow-ish. At least, for now.

P.S. Paradoxically enough, the Russian folk take a different stand about morally(?) corrupt persons. They used to say «Горбатого могила исправит» (can the leopard change his spots?/ what is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh).

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