Позитив 7: Klara is real

A little blond-ginger-haired girl Klara who has a shape, her own life stories, and a number of fans was born out of phantasy. Her creator is an artist Ondrej Pastirik from Slovakia who held an exhibition opening today at Massolit Books & Café in Budapest.

In his keynote speech Ondrej sketched the idea of the project he is part of and focused largely on Klara’s birth and adventures.

The project sounds like a worthwhile labyrinth to me. There is a University in Budapest that has a student-financed(founded?) programme designed to help out artists like Ondrej in their endeavors.

Klara came to life out of blue: one day Ondrej started drawing her on the blank page of the chocolate wrapper. Before that he actually felt lonely and had some miserable thoughts about his personal situation. So, Klara sprang out of his imagination and gave a new meaning to his life.

The story reminds that of J.K. Rowling’s and her piece of artistic magic — Harry Potter?

In his own words, Ondrej became a happy child-rearing artist. And his creation amuses people worldwide with her encounters of a panda, a rabbit, a tiger, an umbrella, a pinguin, and other amazing creatures.

Klara has a fulfilling and real life.

«Everything we love is real».

p.s. according to Ondrej, you can find Klara on instagram by following  #klaraisreal



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